BEACH MEDITATION

   Meditation is not for patients and neither an extra ordinary object. At the beginning stage, meditation is for the common/universal awareness of our human world. It gives relaxation, sharpens our mind and makes us more aware about our day to day and general things.
Meditation has no connection with religion or any other belief. It's a certain belief where you don't believe in any thing until your own consciousness or experience allows you to believe in it. For the better experience of it, you need to let yourself free. No boundaries, no limitations and think like a bird. It is true that now days almost every humans life is bound and scattered with in assured, never changing believes and rigid, flat routines. At this era, a man is roaming around money and everyday starts with a guaranteed thought for money. Every front may be leisure or profession is allied and intended for money. In actual fact, even a bit of knowledge which a man wants to gain is designed for money.
But the experience with meditation will let you think the other way and make you aware that what are you doing and why you are not satisfied even being happy.
Don’t ever think that with meditation people sacrifice families and practice only prayers or else. This would be a total disrespect and a wrong belief though. In fact we get more aware about our responsibilities and gain more logical sense. The meaning of meditation and spirituality should be precise and exact in every body’s familiarity. Remember    knowledge when is not practiced or experienced is an incomplete understanding”.

This album contains sounds/music for relaxation and thoughtless mind. This will obviously give a beach experience while sitting at home. For better results, use good sound, dark ambience and silence. Maintain the flow even after 2 hours the music CD ends.