GLOBAL SUTRA (innitiative and music album)

                    ABOUT GLOBAL PEACE AND BOND

Every man is born with an empty mind, all the knowledge which he collects comes from the society or surroundings which include parents, schools, social networks, books, and televisions etc., he learns what he see, he believes in what ever he is been taught and later excel over his fears and do what he has seen others doing. At the young age he dreams of what his successful seniors are and register a sort of principle for achieving success.
Every man has a common instinct to prove being better than others, which is what we called success now days. Early days when there was no technology or any kind of science, tribal man fight for the better woman, from then onwards jealousy in male genes started. Later on he started fighting for the land, because one wanted every thing. Others were getting inspiration from him, feeling that even they need everything. If I am a successful human being and every one likes me, people will do the same what I am doing to become like me. Man fought for different reasons through out manhood and now has convinced woman through various reasons. Now woman are playing equal role in a national army and they feel proud of it, because we made them proud of it. But I sometimes can not understand why we are proud of ourselves through some destructive stuff.
If I go back to the tribal era, the man who is fighting, I made him guilty and others are not following him. Every men and women are ‘thinking’ and are more logical and rational and they know what exactly give them pleasure. Since then most of us (humans) have invented any thing, is just for the sake of popularity. We just desire to be superior to the other survivals.
At the era when Lord Buddha started preaching and invented a most beautiful experience of human life, people started thinking about it but again fall back to their own existed thought, people do listen to a new thought but when they are unable to find the exact meaning or when they find that the path is difficult, they make their own meanings. People keep themselves busy praising all the holy men or who they believe but don’t have time to follow their principles. Who they believe also may be a wrong sentence, which religion or society they are born. Fight for land is over, as there are separate governments for each country, but now is the era of fight for religion or belief. People are busy making their religion popular, a Christian is better than a Hindu, Muslim is better than all! Every religion has got a god who we worship, when I read principles of most of our religions, every religion has got many good things but only if any body follows them all and also in exact sense, more over I found every religion directly or indirectly is saying the same thing but is just the difference between understandings (of people). Sometimes I feel no holy men ever wanted to build a new religion they just wanted to teach people, but its “us” who made a new society of a different belief out of it and yet not following that belief but forcing others to adopt it.
There should be an era of no ego and only logical thinking. That is why some intellectual minds wrote “god always wants his child (humans) wish come true.” But now is the time when we should think what exactly we want.

 Global sutra is just my initiative for the global piece, if we think global rather than national we think of all human existence and when we know may be little about every human kind; we can come to a point that we all are the same. Human life is better when we think of leisure and enhance our knowledge, but we now made it a competition by just running after our ego. The music I have given in this compilation will help make you satisfy by giving you an experience of a wonderer or a journey. As we all know journey gives more pleasure than destination but also “journey is more important than the desire for the pleasure of destination”. I'll make sure that your journey is big and satisfactory. Never quit.